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Upcoming Plans


-Launch social media
- Website launch
- Logo
- Audit and contract deployment
- AMA, callchannel marketing and listings like Coinsniper
-Avedex logo/socials update
- Small Pre-sale on Pinksale

- Pancakeswap Listing
-Avedex trending + BSC trending
- 2000 holders
- Coinmarketcap
- Coingecko & Coingecko trending
-Crypto.com trending

- 5000 holders
- Staking
- Celebrity marketing
- Billboards
-Buy competitions

- CEX tier 2
- Youtube campaign
- Tiktok campaign
- Lamborghini for everyone
-Reddit campaign


team Mrs Floki

owner & developer James MrsFloki

marketeer and co-owner Lady MrsFloki

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